A bit of radio silence from us again. Oliver is nearly 8 months old and he’s one busy little boy! We are even busier now and so I’ve had a lot less time to write!



He’s also sleeping through the night now (high five!?) and I’m also adjusting to this by going to bed later than 9pm 😁 and even doing stuff in the evenings!

Anyway, today I’d like to write a few words about how are we feeling before our first race. Hopefully after the race I will write a little bit less about running, and a bit more about all the fun baby friendly stuff we’ve been up to! Mamas on maternity leave will be pleased that most of them are FREE!


The time on maternity leave has seriously sped up. Week after week it seems to be going faster and faster, so here we are… 2 days to the race.

I’m excited, but also very nervous, and it’s not the old nervousness about getting a PB. It’s more to do with the responsibility I feel taking Oliver around the course with me. Will he be awake to see the crowds? Will the people make him nervous or just curious? I am sure he will be fine, but I just don’t know what to expect. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Let me start with a short summary of our training:

Kilometers ran since January – 260.29

In miles… 161.7


Longest training run – 20km / 12.5 miles

I never run that far before a half marathon, but I guess, I wanted to make sure I can actually do it!


Trail, track and road

Any injuries?

It takes a year for your body to get to a pre-pregnancy state after giving birth, so yeah… I will be honest and I say that I overdid it a little bit. The tendons behind my right knee are super sore so I will be going to see a physiotherapist 😓after the race.
Music listed

MO, Bonobo, The Streets, Bloc Party, Courtesy, Sampha, Lil Silva, Santigold, A tribe called Red ft. Yasiin Bey
Keep your fingers crossed for the weather on Sunday and for us 😚


Keep your fingers crossed for the weather on Sunday and for us 😚

I’m so glad Rebecca Lupton, a photographer and the creator of The Mothers Project picked up this quote to summarise my interview when I took part in The Mothers Project.
I might look like I’ve got it all under control, but I certainly don’t, not all the time anyway…

I am thrilled to be part of this project – mums sharing their unique stories of motherhood accompanied by beautiful shots by Bec x

You can read the interview here

the mothers


I keep saying this, but I am incredibly grateful for all the new mum-friends whom I have met online. There’s a lot of support, sisterhood, mamahood out there x