It’s been over a week since I started maternity leave and I am still adjusting to the change in my daily schedule from a busy full time job to being at home. I am sure this will become much easier for me once the baby is here, but for now I am trying to keep myself busy.

Before I started maternity leave I wrote a list of things that I would like to do during this time, of course baby being my number one priority!
Having this list will help me to organise my day. Otherwise I’ll spend all day watching 24. I know I am a bit late to the party….

*So without putting too much pressure on myself – here’s my list. The plan is in place, but I understand that things might need rejigging a bit once the baby is here, and I might be a bit tired after practising interval sleeping, changing and feeding. Mat leave can be really expensive, and so my list includes a mix of free and paid for activities. Basically anything that will help me to stay sane, get me out of the house and help me to bond with my little one. Let’s come back to this list in a few months to see if my pre-baby thinking, aka I have no idea what’s going to change in my life, worked :)*

1) Enjoy ‘me time’ between leaving work and the baby’s arrival

Everyone keeps saying to me that I should make the most of the time between leaving work and the baby’s arrival, i.e. enjoy it as much as you can and get as much sleep and rest as you can…

Umm… I think I have done pretty well given that his due date is tomorrow, which means that somehow(!?) it’s been two weeks since my last day at work.

I have to say that I needed to keep myself pretty busy over the past two weeks to avoid going bonkers, so my advice would be to chill,watch TV, read books, but also go see friends or to a gallery and the cinema, have date nights and keep active if you can! Enjoy doing everything and nothing!

2)  Decorate and finish the nursery

We moved house a few months back, which gave us enough time to get most of it ready for baby’s arrival. However, there are still some bits and pieces that need doing around the house. I have left some of them purposely to my mat leave to keep myself busy. I’d like to finish decorating baby O’s nursery and also our lounge. I cannot wait to put our first family photo up on the wall…

3) Explore your local area

There’s one truth when you consider yourself a runner, you know where one kilometre is in any direction from your house. Ahmm…. becuse we moved when I was already pregnant and unable to run I’m not familiar with the area, and I definitely don’t know where the magic 1 km mark is in any direction. So.. the plan for mat leave is to explore the area with the pram, and also by myself, once I am able to go back to running!

4) Meet local mums and attend free baby events 

None of my close friends are even close to thinking about starting a family, and as this is my first baby, I thought that it would be helpful to meet some other mums to discuss nappies, poops, and the other joys of motherhood.

I have found a couple of free meet ups so far. First one is organised by NCT and it takes place in our local IKEA, which means that coffee and tea is free with an IKEA Family Card (mums are so savvy!)
I actually went to one of those meet ups this week (while still pregnant). It was nice, but I felt a little bit awkward, as I am not quite part of the gang just yet 🙂

I’m also planning to attend a rhyme time at a local library. I didn’t grow up in this country, and so my knowledge of English rhymes is very limited. Time to get on it!

Hopefully, my little one will enjoy this one 🙂

5) Get fit

So my plan is to sign up for baby yoga and also pram active as soon as I am ready and get a green light from the doctor / midwife. Going to both will be quite pricey, but again, it will help me to get back to my [hopefully] pre-baby fitness, and also will be a great opportunity to introduce some social aspect to maternity leave! As much as I love walking my dog, it will be nice to see some humans too!

I also really hope that my baby will enjoy both classes and will not end up screaming while mummy is doing downward facing dog… that wouldn’t be money well spent at all!

I’m also planning to go back to running, which I missed more than sushi and alcohol over the past 9 months. I’ll try to get out a couple of evenings a week once baby daddy is back from work, including my weekly run with the Still Waters Run Deep crew.

6) Write a blog

If possible, I’d like to have a written record of our life changing journey and his first year <3

I’m a little bit nostalgic… I know.

6) Have baby free time, if possible…

I’m very lucky that baby O’s dad will like to spend some quality Father and Son time. Hopefully this will give me some time to wash my hair, go for a run, see my friends, and do the other stuff that I liked doing before his arrival. That’s the plan anyway…. However, I might make a big U-turn once I meet my little bundle of joy and I’ll never want to be separated from him…

7) Stay in touch with work and industry stuff

This might be a bit controversial, but I am one of those people who would not give up their job after smashing six in the Lotto. I like my job and the industry and so hopefully I will have time to keep in touch with what’s going on. Twitter and other social media make it so easy now, that hopefully I’ll be able to do some reading while feeding my boy.


I’m not the best at sitting still and doing nothing or watching daytime telly, and so during my first day of maternity leave, which was yesterday(!), I decided to start a blog.

So, welcome…

The idea is to document my first year as a new mummy (I still have 10 days until my due date), and also document my progress with getting back to my pre-pregnancy fitness routine. This time last year I was enjoying getting back to steady training after running my first ultra-marathon. This year… umm… long walks with my dog, a lot of yoga, slow and short circuits and meditating quite a lot to help me to cope with the sleepless nights.

I get very excited every time I think about getting back to my old routine. I also recognise that there might be a few challenges and that I will need to think of myself as a newbie, and tap down my competitive side to make progress without injuring myself. Bring it on!


Resistance band and weights


Pit stop in Somerset on our way to Cornwall


Babymoon in Cornwall


Yoga on my due date