It has been over a month since the baby was born and I finally have a minute to write a new blog post. So what has changed since my last post?  E V E R Y T H I N G!

I definitely have a lot less time that I used to do! Everything what I need to do must happen in intervals between feeding and nappy changing! As warned by everyone with kids the first two weeks were the most difficult, but I think that I am getting there now. I think we even have some kind of routine now…

So this is what I have learnt, or started to learn since his arrival.

A Woman’s body is amazing – I wasn’t to keen on natural birth, but I am still absolutely amazed how strong and capable our bodies are!


40 weeks vs. a week after giving birth

Losing pregnancy weight is a marathon not sprint, but it’s defo a competition  / race. Seriously, so many chats when seeing new mums is about your weight before and after. Geeeeez.

Being patient – Still haven’t mastered this one, but I’m getting there 🙂

It’s possible to gain small injuries without doing any exercise. Motherly duties can be a pain in the wrist and the back…. These bother me more than lack of sleep.