Manchester Half Marathon 2017

I remember my doctor’s confused face when I asked him when I’d be able to return to running, pretty much straight after I woke up from an operation back in July…

July ;(

He just quickly replied ‘it will be a few weeks’… Luckily enough I bounced back pretty quickly and was able to run a 10 km race in September. Still, I didn’t feel my strongest, and most definitely wasn’t looking forward to running a half marathon. I even tried to postpone my place, but was put off by the cost.

I’m so glad I didn’t, but slowly bit by bit I trained to run the race for ‘fun’ and just enjoy the ride. In the end, with very heavy legs managed to run a PB!
Honestly I could not have done it without knowing that my boys were waiting for me at the finish line and without all the support of the crowd ??
Such a great end to a running season which most definitely was full of high and lows. A great reminder of why I love running and why I love organised races:

Personal challenge – whether you’re a first timer or an experienced runner racing to beat your PB. Races require a lot of prep, time and determination, but the feeling of achievement is unbeatable!


long commute, 8 hours at work followed by track. time to myself.

Togetherness- I always well up when I see all those kids standing on the side of the road high fiving or giving out jelly babies. Or sleepy people who got out of bed early on a Sunday to stand outside in their pajamas to cheer everyone on.

I saw so many #WeStandTogether posters and runners with a bee tattoo! 🐝 Manchester and people united!🐝

To say nothing of all of the runners running for charity, helping other runners, marshals, and so on… I keep saying this; if you want to restore your faith in humanity, take part in a race. Get involved!

Sightseeing – I’ve done a few races overseas, which I have always treated as an unusual way of sightseeing. Today, I truly enjoyed discovering several different neighborhoods of Greater Manchester and sussing out some places where we could move one day – based on their ‘community feel’.

Last, but not least…

Beer (even non-alcoholic) and a Roast Dinner tastes the best after a race!

After the race

Until next one….

Thanks for reading x

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