How to fit exercise into your routine

I know, I know…. You have a kid, a job, a weekly shop to do and house to clean, and obviously no time for yourself EVER. Even though everyone bangs on about that you should exercise, there’s just no time for it! Until you:


  • Make it part of your lifestyle – It’s time when you can focus on yourself and do something to make yourself feel better, time to think, get clarity and problem solve
  • Decide do walk, run or cycle to work. I am jealous of everyone who is able to to workout while commuting!
  • Go for a walk or run during your lunch time. Yes… I do work too far away to run or cycle, but thankfully I am able to go for a run during my lunch break. I would never ever do this pre-baby, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with going back to my desk with my post-workout hair. However, having baby means that I have so little time for myself that need to fit a workout in when I can!
  • Set a realistic goal, start small and build up… 15 min walk is better than none. 20 mins tomorrow.
  • Choose a workout that you enjoy – Running during lunch time is not everyone’s cup of tea. How about doing weights, playing badminton or circuit training (there are some really good ones on youtube!)
  • Commit to your new routine. Decide which days you going to exercise and stick to your routine!

Lunch time gym

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