Hello World! [week 1]

I’m not the best at sitting still and doing nothing or watching daytime telly, and so during my first day of maternity leave, which was yesterday(!), I decided to start a blog.

So, welcome…

The idea is to document my first year as a new mummy (I still have 10 days until my due date), and also document my progress with getting back to my pre-pregnancy fitness routine. This time last year I was enjoying getting back to steady training after running my first ultra-marathon. This year… umm… long walks with my dog, a lot of yoga, slow and short circuits and meditating quite a lot to help me to cope with the sleepless nights.

I get very excited every time I think about getting back to my old routine. I also recognise that there might be a few challenges and that I will need to think of myself as a newbie, and tap down my competitive side to make progress without injuring myself. Bring it on!


Resistance band and weights


Pit stop in Somerset on our way to Cornwall


Babymoon in Cornwall


Yoga on my due date

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